Kitchen Spraying – Basingstoke

This kitchen respray was for a lovely family in Basingstoke. The house itself was very nicely decorated, the only part that was letting it down was the kitchen.

Day 1 – 2 we removed all doors, draws and loose fittings. They were then packed neatly into the van to be transported to our workshop for spraying.

We then masked up all the surrounding areas of the kitchen, and began decreasing all surfaces to be painted. After which we could start rubbing down and prepping the kitchen for painting.

Once all the prep work was completed the spraying could begin. All surfaces had 2x coats of A/C primer followed by 2x A/C top coats. After an hour to harden off we then took all tape down and cleaned up, completing the onsite section of the work.

Days 3 – 7 was carried out in our workshop following the same process. Once the doors where complete we returned, rehung and adjusted them where needed, completing our kitchen respray.